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Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s Sport – Ashleigh Young scholarships launched

Published 12 April 2024

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ashleigh young

In honour of Ashleigh’s incredible life and contributions, and in collaboration with Ashleigh’s family and the organisations she was involved in, Sport SA has established the Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Ashleigh Young scholarship program. A scholarship fund that aims to continue her mission by supporting professional learning opportunities for women in sport through the Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s sport. This initiative seeks to empower other passionate individuals to follow in Ashleigh’s footsteps, ensuring her vision and dedication to women’s sport lives on and flourishes. Ashleigh Young was absolutely thrilled and delighted to be an inaugural participant in the Marjorie Jackson-Nelson program.

Ashleigh Young was a remarkable figure in the world of sport, both on the field and behind the scenes as a passionate coach and sports administrator.

Her journey began with a deep-rooted love for competitive sport, inspired by watching her father on the football field. This passion drove her to not only excel in various sports throughout her schooling but also to pursue a career dedicated to fostering the growth and development of women’s sports.

With a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management under her belt, Ashleigh’s professional journey saw her making significant contributions across different roles, including with the Football Federation South Australia, Norwood Football Club, Sacred Heart College and Wilderness School.

Throughout her varied roles, Ashleigh’s vision was clear: to lead programs that not only allowed young female athletes to reach the highest levels in their sport but also ensure they found joy and camaraderie in each other.

Ashleigh Young’s untimely passing at the age of 31, due to complications from her asthma, has left an indelible mark on the community she so fervently served. Remembered as a mother figure, mentor, and friend, her legacy is one of warmth, care, and unwavering support for the aspirations of young women in sport. The profound impact of her work and her inspirational spirit has touched countless lives, leaving behind a legacy that will inspire future generations of women in sport.

Donations are tax deductible with all funds raised to be used for the scholarship program.

Donations can be made at: Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s Sport – Ashleigh Young Scholarships | Australian Sports Foundation (

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