Our Sport SA members and affiliates are a diverse group of industry leaders, including state sporting organisations, commercial sports organisations, local government bodies, clubs and associations.

Together they form an extensive network supporting clubs and individuals across South Australia.

As an organisation, Sport SA, strives to inspire South Australians to get into the game. We advocate for South Australian sports organisations to ensure their voices are heard at the government level, allowing them to have a real impact on important issues that affect our members and the broader industry.

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Our four pillars

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Sport SA has a variety of services aimed at helping sports grow and develop.

If your sports organisation needs training to improve your operations or a quick guide on how government grants work, this is the place for you.

Sport SA is committed more than ever to continuously improving and enhancing its member services as we listen to our members and respond to their greatest needs.

we’re a member of
community sport

Sport SA are a proud member of Community Sport Australia, with our interstate counterparts; Sport NSW, Vicsport, QSport, and Sport West. We are constantly advocating, representing and elevating key matters of our members at a national level.

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Many people help Sport SA operate and support our communities.

These people include board members, committee members, team members and life members.

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Contact us below with any questions or inquiries and our team will be happy to assist.